Our Mission at Source Church is simple; we desire to be Christ in Motion—to show a world in need how much Jesus loves them!

Here at Source Church we believe that Jesus never Changes. He is always loving, always merciful, and always forgiving. We do our best to create an authentic environment where everyone feels welcomed and excited about learning God’s will for their lives!

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, the Son of God Almighty & that He died for our sins then rose from the tomb three days later! We believe in the power of the Holy Ghost & all the gifts of the Spirit.

At Source Church, we believe that it is not about how you dress, or your current lifestyle, instead it is about your relationship with Christ. Everyone is welcomed here—there is nothing you could have done that is too big or bad for Jesus to forgive.

We believe we are the church, not the building, but the people! We believe that when the body comes together it should be enjoyable and that the building is a hospital for the sick, a safe house for the abused and a rehab facility for the addicted.

We want to introduce you to Jesus and He will place you on His potter’s wheel to mold and shape you and wash you clean. We believe that there is salvation & true freedom found only in Jesus Christ.